Thursday, August 25, 2011

Classes =/= Carlos

Classes have started, and that means less time with Carlos. I've never been so disappointed to see school start. We have spent every waking moment together. We have talked about everything -- well, except for one thing. One big thing. How and when could I even bring that up? (No pun intended.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

More Carlos Is a Good Thing

Oh my God, my weekend couldn't have been any better. Saturday, Carlos took me to El Ranchito. It was by far the best Mexican food I have ever had. It's in Oak Cliff, but it's totally worth the drive. Incredible food. Seriously. Carlos told me it was the most authentic Mexican food he'd ever had in Dallas. Our meal was great, and we had a great time talking. We took forever there, we were having so much fun talking and being all over each other the whole time. We then went to this awesome little book store called Cliff Notes. Cute double pun. I found a great copy of Goethe's Faust. I've always wanted to read that. We then went to Starbucks and talked for hours more. He asked me out for Sunday, and when I asked him where, he told me he'd find us something interesting to do.

Sunday we left so early we had breakfast together at Southern Recipe Cafe. We then went to the butterfly exhibit at Fair Park. The butterflies were beautiful. I am in love with the incredible blue morpho butterfly.

He then took me to the Dallas Museum of Art, where told me all about the different pieces we saw. He knows a lot about art. It was so interesting -- I was amazed he knew so much. We're going to go to Fort Worth to visit the museums over there next weekend. That will be a lot of fun, going with him.

We had a late dinner at Cafe Brazil, where we ate and drank coffee and talked for hours. I didn't even notice how much time passed -- but we left there past midnight!

Carlos and I talked about all sorts of stuff, from biology to economics, and we talked about how similar the two are. I think we have a lot of things in common, even if it may not at first appear to be so. I'm having a lot of fun with him. I love hanging out with him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello, Carlos!

I got to the bar before Greg and Carlos, so I got to spend a little time enjoying all the eye candy on the poles before they got there.

Then they walked in.

Carlos is hot. Seriously sexy. A bit short, about my height, thin, and dark with dark hair and eyes and a goatee. Nice. The accent is slight -- my guess is he has tried to lose it, but that's a wild guess on my part. Should I have even said something like that? In any case, that was the impression I got.

Greg introduced us, then abandoned us to prowl around. Carlos and I talked a bit, mostly smalltalk introductory stuff. Where we're from, etc. kind of nonsense. Get to know you stuff. Cliched and boring -- or it would have been if I had been overhearing it instead of engaged in it. There was a natural attraction, at least on my end. On his end, too, I think. He kept moving closer, and I certainly didn't discourage him. His arm ended up around me at some point. The other men disappeared -- for the most part, anyway, an exception being some clown checking out his own muscles in the mirror, clearly in love with himself. He's a year of yoga classes away from no longer dating. We got a good laugh at that guy.

In any case, he asked me out to dinner -- tomorrow night! Can you imagine that? I came home and told Andrea, and she's all excited about meeting him. And now Andrea is behind me, her hands on my breasts, and reading me writing that her hands are on her breasts, and now she's reading this, and now she's smacked me playfully on the side of the head. Well, that tells me I need to get off of her and take her to bed. Between Carlos and her, I've gotten all worked up tonight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meeting Carlos Soon

Greg tells me he's finally going to introduce me to Carlos. We're supposed to meet him at B.J.'s I've been there a few times, and it's a lot of fun. They mostly just assume I'm Greg's hag, but I could probably get a date there if I let them know about me. I wonder what Carlos is like. I guess if he's willing to meet me there, things should go well. Greg tells me he's a pretty hard-core libertarian, and I understand that those people make liberals look like Nazis, so I'm even more optimistic that he'll be open-minded and accepting of who I am. Still, I'm going to girl it up a bit for him. Try out that push-up bra I bought, really fix my hair, put on some makeup. I'm going to have to ask Andrea to help me with all that. She love it when I get all fancied up. It's like I'm her very own Barbie doll she can dress and make up. I like dresses anyway -- fewer questions -- but maybe I'll find something a little fancier than I usually wear.

Mom and dad say they're excited I'm going to meet someone. Knowing them, they are probably excited that he's Hispanic. They would be less excited about his economics, I'm sure. But they don't have to know everything.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To My Love

Oh, Andrea, you are the most beautiful woman, such lovely blonde hair and green eyes, a pale dusting of freckles everywhere. I love the sunlight dancing through your pale arm hair. I love your floral smell, your full and wondrous lips, your dainty toes.

I love that you cook for me -- your German food is to die for -- and that you love taking care of me. I'm sorry I'm such a man about cleaning up. I love that you understand that you are more than woman enough for me, but that you're also not quite man enough for me. Not that I've had to test in reality what we've discussed in theory -- but we may soon see, if <a href="">Greg</a> has his way, and the guy he wants to set me up with is nice and, well, open-minded, I guess. Such things cause me such anxiety, but you, my love, are so understanding of that, and so supportive of me, and I can't imagine doing anything to hurt you. I hope I don't, even as I do what I have to do. Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Perhaps such questions are premature. That's a completely different question than my physical needs -- but if one does not prepare . . .

Monday, August 15, 2011

Evenings with Andrea

I love spending evenings with Andrea, like we did last night, just the two of us, in underclothes on the couch, watching a movie. It was an old one: "Jeffrey." Nothing like watching Captain Picard acting like a flaming queen! She's a beautiful girl, and I love that she loves someone like me. Well, I guess it would take a bisexual to love a hermaphrodite! Why be coy? There it is. Might as well get the shock and awe out of the way. I'm a fully functional hermaphrodite -- a true rarity -- and I had the great fortune of having parents who were such P.C. hippies that they decided that, rather than either they or the doctor, I should decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, the joke's on them: I chose to be both. Which has gotten me both boyfriends and girlfriends but, unfortunately, too many strange examples of the former. Which, I guess, shouldn't be that much of a surprise. But that's my life. Most of the time I dress like a woman, because I've discovered that makes it easier to explain the breasts while I can hide the rest. Those who know me well know I'm a hermaphrodite, but few others.

I met Andrea when she was made my roommate last year. Now we rent an apartment off campus. It's a great little place, and nobody really bothers us here. There's a pool here we rarely use. Our apartment is pink and purple, but the carpets are the white the apartment came with. I don't know why they use white carpets --- surely that shows the dirt more than any other color. One bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen. What more does one want or need? We have her little knick-knacks on the wood tables -- she's into these little ceramic birds -- and school books just about everywhere. I'm a biology major and she's a humanities major, so there's no textbook overlap in the least.

Andrea is out grocery shopping, so it's just me, here, alone. I'd watch a little internet porn, but that upsets Andrea, so I've cut back a lot. But that's our only major conflict. She's even okay when I want to date the occasional guy. She says she certainly understands wanting a man inside you, even if you enjoy being with a woman. Well, she can't imagine how much stronger that tension is in me. But Greg tells me his roommate might be interested in me -- I think Carlos is his name. I only ever see Greg out at the clubs, and I haven't ever been over to his place, so I've never met his roommate, just his friend Marc. I've been with Marc once, but Marc is so damn gay that, well, let me just say that I might as well have been a gay man, since he did not take advantage of the fact that I'm also half woman, though I was clearly the bottom that night. That wasn't that much fun, so I won't go into all the gory details -- I'll just say that I won't be going to bed with him again. In any case, Greg tells me that Carlos is straight, which makes me wonder why he's trying to set us up, but in any case, we'll see. I promised Andrea I would share any man I was dating with her, so I bet he'll appreciate that, at least. Sure, that will make him overlook my penis! Ha!

Well, Andrea will probably be gone a while yet, so maybe I can get in a quick video.